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Portable Fabric Tent Buildings

In Brussels, Belgium you will see this displayed building, circular in shape.  It is a tent designed for heavy lighting and acrobatic maneuvers.  It has four entrances and is insulated for heat and air.  It is portable, so it can be moved to any location.     Tents have been around for decades, but the […]

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Strategic Awning Walkways

Rogers Awnings are busy about designing and building the kind of awnings you will be absolutely proud of.  With many design possibilities it makes each awning an experience of artistry and fashion. Six fabric canopies form partial tunnels over which pedestrians walk with awe in its expanse above the walkway, in the middle of the […]

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Awnings For Energy – New Generation Wind Turbines

Ever wondered how energy gets to remote islands and locations in a practical way for the inhabitants? Recently, several worldwide projects are being experimented with, and enhanced as widely dispersed islands, military bases and disaster-relief centers constitute challenging energy availability. So what does this have to do with the awning industry? You may have heard […]

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A New Kind of Camping

In the middle of the Korean countryside, lakes, valleys and streams co-exist with organic structures that resemble strangely compelling giant mushrooms or cream covered pupae cases from some fantasy insect. The units, made up of awning fabric, are places to live in harmony with the outdoors while enjoying contemporary design aesthetics. They are known as […]

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Fabric in Outer Space

Yes – you read that correctly. Fabric in outer Space! Space- it’s the final frontier, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration just sent a mechanical robot into orbit around the earth to round up data about the planet’s soil moisture. Nasa’s soil Misture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite has three pain parts: a radiometer, a […]

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Rounded Standing Seam Awning to fit shape of doorway.

Standing Seam Awnings

Today I wanted to introduce you to Standing Seam Awnings. These metal awnings are pretty popular, however, most people don’t know what to ask for when they want them. Our Standing Seam  product is the most architecturally designed element for storefront protection because of it’s low maintenance, clean modern design appeal, and economical costs.     […]

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Sunbrella Fabricated Retractable Awning covering a deck, creating a relaxing atmosphere.


Today I thought I would introduce you to a type of fabric that is used quite a lot in our industry. The name is Sunbrella® Sunbrella is a brand that actually started out as an industrial-grade awning fabric. From awnings to marine to even classy furniture, Sunbrella Fabrics have led the industry with extensive styles and […]

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Canvas Awnings

Our last post showed our specialty in aluminum awnings. Today we would like to introduce you to some of our Canvas awnings. Canvas Awnings are an excellent choice for residential and small commercial installations. There are many different kinds of fabric used for these types of awnings. We can help you decide which fabric is […]

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End of a Great Year!

Rodgers Awnings is happy to end a great year and start an even better one. We’ve been quite busy with projects. We made awnings for the Panther Stadium , various restaurants in South Carolina and North Carolina, and even did several job out of state just to name a few! We look forward to the projects we have set […]

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