In Brussels, Belgium you will see this displayed building, circular in shape.  It is a tent designed for heavy lighting and acrobatic maneuvers.  It has four entrances and is insulated for heat and air.  It is portable, so it can be moved to any location.




Tents have been around for decades, but the variety of tenting looks and these outside tent/buildings are phenomenal and detailed in design. These structures can house seating for large or small events. There are tents for outside family vacations, or boy and girl scout events, as well as backyard sleepovers.  The tent/structures span huge areas of space down to very small tents or pop-up tents. A tent can be used over a gala garden event in one’s yard or official city event.


Stand-alone Awnings and tents can be for summer/warmer weather events, or they can be heated and used in cooler weather.  Summer travelers can take portable tents from place to place to enjoy their family gatherings and work outing events.

Give Rodgers Awnings your drawing or layout for your desired tent/building and see how it transpires into the dream you wanted it to be.