Commercial & Residential Awning Solutions

Rodgers Awnings creates custom awnings for discerning customers throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee & Georgia.

At Rodgers, we believe that a commercial building or a private home reflects its owner’s character, personality and priorities.  We take time with each of our custom awning designs to match the shape, materials and colors that accurately communicate your discriminating taste and style.

Our wide selection of materials means you can have awnings made with canvas, aluminum and more.  At Rodgers Awnings, we are prepared to go beyond traditional awning installation with our specialty awning designs and retractable awnings; everything can be customized to suit your needs.

We are detail-oriented so you can explore the wide variety of options for contemporary awnings. From canvas to aluminum, with speciality designs and retractable awning options,  Rodgers Awnings has the catalog and experience you need to meet your specific needs.

Professional awning design and installation with Rodgers Awnings comes with peerless customer service and care.  We are dedicated to excellence in the awning industry, and our selection and commitment to you – our customer – is unwavering.

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